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Rates with insurance coverage
(Dutch insurance exclusively)

OMC Amstelland does not have contracts with health insurance companies but works with restitution. This means you will receive an invoice that has to be paid by you to OMC Amstelland. Then you yourself can submit a claim to your health insurance company.

You can download our rates for insurance covered healthcare here:

OMC Amstelland Tarieven verzekerde zorg 2018>

Valid letter of referral (Dutch insurance only)

All health insurance companies will cover the invoice covered by insurance partly or completely, provided that you have a valid letter of referral from your GP or referring ophthalmologist.

If you are unable to hand over a valid letter of referral during your visit, we are legally prohibited to offer you insurance-covered care.

You can either schedule a new appointment or receive an invoice for care without insurance. If you forgot to bring your referral letter, it is possible to change the information about insurance-coverage later on – but only if the referral letter is date before the appointment. A later letter is not allowed.

Leniency policy in case of partial coverage

As of January 2018, we have changed all our rates. If insurance-covered care is not completely covered by the insurance company, you can apply for our leniency policy, according to which you can be reimbursed part of the uncovered amount.

How to apply for leniency

You can send an email to attaching a scan of the health insurance company’s original specification sheet, of our invoice and of your IBAN-number.

The leniency policy can only be applied to if the invoice has been paid in full within the payment term. Requests that are made longer than 6 months after the invoice date will not be handled. Requests with an expected amount of less than €10 will no be handled either. The leniency policy is not applicable to healthcare without insurance coverage, or to the deductible.

The leniency scheme does not represent the patient’s right, but a gesture from OMC Amstelland. No claims can be made in any way. Each application is assessed separately. OMC Amstelland can adjust the leniency policy at any time, with the new arrangement replacing the old one. This policy dates from January 20, 2018.

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